Break The Routine To Help Productivity

The New Year is a perfect time to find ways to advance your career. Break the routine of your day-to-day with these tips that will advance your real estate career while keeping your schedule fresh and exciting.

  1. Clear the Pipeline - No matter how diligent you are, some leads will slip by so you want to go ahead and touch base.
  2. Make a Graphic - Make new visual marketing material infographics and more! Contact me for some great co-branded marketing.
  3. Read some wisdom - Be inspired by published professionals in your field.
  4. Meet with old Clients - Treat a former client to coffee or lunch as a change of pace.
  5. Schedule out - Find interesting articles to share on social media and schedule post out for days/weeks out.
  6. Attend a Preview - Home previews are a great way to network with partners and see what is on the market.
  7. Find a Certificate - Check Hubspot, Microsoft and other real estate websites where you can earn free certificates.
  8. Find a new spot - Find a new spot to work to give you a fresh perspective.

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