FastForward Your Home Buying Process Today

MWF’s FastForward is designed with one purpose: to get you into your home faster and with less paperwork. Let our process work for you - compete with any offer in your market.

With FastForward, you will experience a faster mortgage process by skipping the hassle and the extra paperwork. Starting with approval through funding, we make the process quick, efficient, and seamless. Let us help you gain more market share and reach your 2019 goals!

Assurance beyond Compare!

  • Speedier Mortgage process – on average closing 6 days quicker than non-“FastForward” loans
  • Paperless Secure Validation – Eliminating manual collection of asset and employment documents
  • Secure Control of Sharing Assets
  • Automatic Updates to Documents – No Need for Resubmission
  • Be in Your Home Quicker!