Seven Future Home Technologies You Should Know In Advance

Modern technology has advanced to the point where you can now control your TVs, lights and even your thermostats from your smartphone. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are seven future home technologies that everyone homeowner should know about.

  1. Automated Robots: While we currently have iRobots that travel around your home to clean your floors the next prototype is for it to pick up items, tidy up and even serve drinks to your guests.
  2. Smart Appliances: You can already purchase appliances equipped with touchscreen displays and a bevy of sensors. A few of them are even internet ready, allowing you to install and use apps directly from the appliance. They will become increasingly more convenient, learning your preferences to make life easier.
  3. Lighting Controls: Your lights can now be controlled from your phone, touchscreen panels or automated system.
  4. Power Tracking or Energy Efficient Tech: Your home will soon send you alerts when your air filter needs to be changed or when your power budget for the month is going over.
  5. Smart Toilets: Other countries are testing urinalysis to test for diabetes and other features like automated deodorizers, flushing systems or heated seats.
  6. Centralized Entertainment and Streaming Devices: Cable TV is outdated, the future is all about streaming systems and even tablet and smartphone based remotes becoming more common.
  7. Closed and Private Networks: Future homes will include closed and private network access to connect all of those devices and allow communication between them.This ties in directly with a personal home security system and facial recognition software would allow homeowners keyless entry into the home or network.

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