What Apps Help You Succeed With Your New Year's Resolutions

A New Year is a perfect time for people to improve themselves, make better choices and map their life onto a better course. Most New Year’s Resolutions fail by the 2nd week in February so take a look at the popular resolutions below and apps that can help you succeed with your resolution all year long!

  • Eating healthier and exercise - This is the number one resolution especially after the holidays. These apps are all free to download with optional upgrades to help motivate you.
  1. MyFitnessPal - This app not only counts calories but teaches you about nutrition in an easy to understand pie chart. It is a great way to make better food choices and exercise.
  2. Blogilates - This app includes recipes for clean eating, monthly workout calendars and videos.
  3. FitBit - This app connects with your Fitbit tracker/watch to track your steps, exercise and even your sleeping patterns. You can also log your food into the app.


  • Save Money - Especially after spending during the holidays, these apps will help you get back on track, save money for a vacation or put a little aside in case of an emergency.
  1. Acorns - One of the most popular budgeting apps that encourages you to round up all of your purchases to the nearest dollar and then invest the spare change.
  2. Prism - Helps you keep track of your bills to avoid late fees and damage to your credit. It has reminders for when your bills are due and allows you to view all of your account balances, income, and monthly expenses.
  3. PocketGuard - This app connects all of your accounts and calculates your budget based on your spending habits. Then sets daily, weekly or monthly spending goals and provides tips on how you can lower your bills.


  • Get a new Job - Job hunting can be scary and challenging so whether you are looking for a new start with a new company or wanting to take your career to the new level these apps will be helpful.
  1. LinkedIn - It will help you find jobs, research companies and network. You can even apply and message companies through the app. These companies can also view your professional profile through the app.
  2. Monster Job Search - Their search allows you to swipe through jobs and filter by post date, salary and companies near you.
  3. ZipRecruiter - Allows you to search and apply for jobs through the app and the app learns what type of jobs you are looking for then notifies you when a new match becomes available.

*Courtesy of CNet.com