2021 Home Design Trends

With more time being spent at home than you ever have, it makes sense that consumers are wanting to use their homes as a good distraction with decorating and home renovation projects. Take a look at these inspirational design trends for 2021 and see what you want to update in your current home:

1. Decorated Home Offices: Working from the kitchen table was kind of cute when you thought you would be doing it for only a few weeks. But now? Not so much. That’s why, in 2021 (and beyond) home offices will be more important than ever.

2. Clearly delineated spaces: With more time spent at home with the Pandemic, the need for separate spaces is also shifting home buyers’ priorities in the new year.

3. Houseplants and indoor gardens: The pros say the indoor houseplant trend is here to stay—which is good news for your collection of monsteras and air plants.

4. Rattan accents: Natural materials are increasing in popularity. Rattan is the material du jour, appearing everywhere from drink holders to bed frames. Try out the trend by choosing a rattan accessory or accent piece that you love; just don’t go overboard.

5. Wood-grain kitchen cabinets and counters: Instead of painted kitchen cabinets or the ubiquitous all-white kitchen, expect to see homeowners embracing a more natural look with wood-grain cabinets and wood countertops on islands.

6. Next-level playgrounds: Experts say enhanced outdoor spaces will continue to trend in the new year—including elaborate custom playgrounds with zip lines, climbing walls and more!

7. Outdoor kitchens: An outdoor kitchen can be as elaborate (read: expensive) or as modest as you like. Some homeowners may simply add an outdoor refrigerator and dining area to the backyard to create an expanded entertaining space. Others will invest in a stovetop, ample counter space, and appliances to create a fully equipped outdoor kitchen.

8. Smart bathroom innovations: Touchless appliances, including motion sensors for lighting, and smart temperature control for bathroom floors will be more popular in the coming year.

9. Retro furniture and color palettes: People are seeking comfort from the past by bringing in funcky color palettes and furniture throwbacks from the 80’s and 90’s.

10. Cozy, layered vibes: The design pendulum is swinging to be more traditional with a cozy, layered look in living rooms and bedrooms.

*Courtesy of Realtor.com