Best Board Games of 2021

From party games to deep adventure games, these are the best board games to play this year while you are at home according

  1. Pandemic: The best board game overall
  2. Betrayal at House on the Hill: The best board game for adults    
  3. Villainous: The best board game for 2 players    
  4. Articulate!: The best board game for families
  5. Gloomhaven: The best RPG board game
  6. Catan: The best classic board game
  7. Blockbuster: The Game: The best party board game
  8. Root: The best strategy board game
  9. Jaipur: The best card game
  10. Spot It! (Dobble): The best board game for kids
  11. Ticket to Ride: The most relaxing board game
  12. Jaws: The Game: The best board game based on a movie
  13. Back to the Future: Dice Through Time: The best dice board game
  14. One Night Ultimate Werewolf: The best social deduction board game
  15. Mysterium: The best mystery board game
  16. Carcassonne: A great building game
  17. Fallout: The best board game for solo play