Bring A Listing's Hidden Talents to The Front Yard

While yard sign riders with messages like Coming Soon are often seen during hotter real estate markets, riders with the right message bring in considerably more prospects during slower markets.

Here are some strategies for attracting more buyers with the right riders (and remember, custom riders are easily ordered online).

Tell prospects about hidden features. These can be anything from a back yard swimming pool to a basement. If the home was recently renovated, a message like I'm Gorgeous Inside can help prospects see past an unassuming exterior.

Pet-friendly homes are hot. Recent surveys show that most pet owners (over 80%!) plan to buy a home that caters to their pets' needs. Homes with large, well-fenced back yards will benefit from a Dog-Approved Yard or Pet Friendly rider. Cat lovers will perk up their ears at riders telling them that a home features a back yard "catio" to keep felines and songbirds safe.

Don't be afraid to be witty. All it takes is a fun message to help drive-by prospects grab their phones and pull up your listings. Some agents have gone for subtle messages such as You Know You Want Me. Another turned a possible detraction – a cemetery across the street from a property – into a plus, with a rider that mentioned Quiet Neighbors Across the Street.


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