Message From Mountain West Financial President, Gary Martell, Jr.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you, your clients, and our communities during the last year. Spending time reminising about what 2020 looked like is something we have probably done way too much. An important takeaway is that some of the behavioral changes in the marketplace with continue to evolve and create new challenges and new opportunities. The homebuyers are utilizing more and more technology as part of the homebuying experience. Whether its previewing homes, looking up sales comparable, checking out the history of a home, or researching realtors and lenders, we continue to see a push for working with professionals that leverage technology as part of their overall business plan. It is still important to communicate well, know the markets and have the ability to create relationships. Also having great partners allow you to provide an exceptional experience while helping the consumer get the information and services they desire and deserve. We at Mountain West Financial have continued to utilize artificial intelligence (AI) to help speed up and make the loan process more intuitive and less cumbersome. This in turn, allows our knowledgeable Loan Originators to spend their time providing the information and personalized customer service that consumers still require. In 2020, MWF continued to serve homebuyers with reduced processing time, 1st time homebuyer products and educational tools that kept in a purchase money market that many lenders left for refinance opportunities. This is why we continue to do more purchase money loans than most of our peers. We look forward to working with many of you in 2021 as we enter a stable steady marketplace which includes low interest rates and moderate home price appreciation.