Stressed? There's an App for That.

Let's face it: Selling real estate can cause even the coolest agent to feel stressed. Fortunately, hundreds of apps are available to help you reduce that mental chatter and find your happy place. Here are three with great reviews:

Breathe2Relax helps measure your stress levels and then guides you through deep breathing exercises. The app is also a valuable reminder to slow down and breathe when you're feeling stressed or angry.

Talkspace offers text-based access to live therapists for a monthly fee, each of whom has more than 3,000 hours of clinical experience. All therapists are carefully selected and have more than 3,000 hours (about 4 months) of clinical experience.

Optimism enables you to track your moods, gain a clearer understanding of your mental health, and find the best stress-reduction methods. You can also set up a personal wellness plan and send the information to a therapist for a small fee.


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