Three Shocking Real Estate Facts Agents Should Know

Staying up to date on industry trends helps keep you competitive in this white-hot market. It also provides you with interesting talking points and arms you with statistics that help attract and maintain relationships. Here are a few fun facts all agents should know.

1. Repeat customers are preferred but not the most common. Only 30% of earnings are received from repeat customers or referrals. To boost repeat business, be sure to ask for honest feedback about your clients' experience with you. If they were happy, ask for their future business and referrals. If not, take notes, apologize, explain, and apply the knowledge to the next client.

2. Reviews matter more than you think. For clients, the most significant characteristic of an agent is a professional reputation. Your prospects will do their homework before working with you. That means researching your name, reading client reviews, and reviewing your social media sites to better understand your interests and personality. Go the extra mile to ensure that what they find aligns with the brand you wish to build.

3. Technology is King. The most difficult thing for 48% of agents is following changes in technology. As we've seen in recent years, the professionals who evolve their business practices to meet the challenges of today, are the most successful. In fact, recent data shows that agents with high commissions use advanced technology tools two times more often than others.


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