What Inflation? Prices Are Falling for These Items

One of the best summer deals today is flat-screen televisions, as retailers are discounting these items to clear crowded warehouses. Another reason for cheaper TVs: slow sales, because 2021 saw record-breaking television purchases.

There are plenty more summer bargains to consider, including the following:

  1. Baseball games: Ticket prices for sporting events are down 11% year over year, according to the Consumer Price Index
  2. Tech upgrades: Smartphones are 20% cheaper.
    For the student in your life: Calculators are 13% cheaper.
  3. Books: The price of books has stayed the same despite supply chain woes and inflation.
  4. Something shiny: Jewelry is ever so slightly cheaper now than it was last year — 1.2%.
  5. Clothing: If you feel like a trip to the mall, many warm-weather items are either the same price or cheaper compared to 2021. Check out adult swimwear, men's shorts and infant apparel.3

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