3 Excellent Marketing Materials You Need To Help Build Your Brand

Choosing the right real estate marketing materials is crucial to building a great brand that generates business.

  1. Profession Pictures: Your face is something other agents cannot copy. Take the time to take good headshots. The key is to be authentic and look open and approachable.

  2. Website with Branding: Unlike social media accounts. Your website is something online that you can truly own. Make it count. Not everything has to be about real estate. Sell the lifestyle your area provides. If your homes are next to the beach, show some surfing videos. If you live in the mountains, sprinkle in some hiking content.

  3. Facebook Business Page: We're not going to lie. Facebook has seen better days and no longer has a monopoly share of the social media market. But there's a good reason why you still need a business page. Demographics. The average Facebook user is a little over 40, while a good 20% are over 55. According to Zillow, the average home seller is 45. That's a huge market to ignore.

Source: theclose.com/real-estate-marketing-materials/

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