Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Shopping Guide

If you're thinking that the holiday season begins earlier every year, you're not alone. Big box retailers like Target and Walmart introduced early Black Friday sales last month. But if you're waiting for the real thing — November 24th Black Friday or Cyber Monday — it's time to start planning. Here are some recommendations from shopping experts.

Tune in on TVs. Look for discounts on televisions, laptops, wireless headphones and soundbars.

Postpone buying toys if possible. There may be deals on Black Friday, but if retailers' sales are down, they'll slash toy prices further in December.

Check out small kitchen appliances. Prices on popular items like air fryers, KitchenAid mixers and Nespresso coffee machines were at their lowest last Cyber Monday.

Consider sporting goods. One potential problem isn't the price, it's that a new bicycle or snowmobile can be difficult to hide until December 24th. Also, Adobe's holiday season forecast data is predicting December 4th to be the best day to equip your athlete.

Stock up on winter apparel. Black Friday may bring better buys than expected, especially as winter temperatures took longer to arrive this year. Retailers worried about excess supplies may decide to begin their December sales on Black Friday.

Consider power tools and DIY items. While some of these are discounted in November, you may want to do some research on price histories. This is because these items' discounts tend to lag behind others during the holiday season.

Relax. Data found that most of this year's holiday shoppers are already beginning to feel stressed. Remember...your loved ones will still love you, no matter what your gift budget may be.


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