Fixed Rate Mortgages

The most common type of Loan Programs traditional Fixed Rate Mortgages. The monthly principal and interest payments never change during the life of the loan. These are typically considered one of the least risky mortgage types because of it's stability.

What is a Fixed Rate Mortgage?

It is traditionally the most common type of Loan Programs:

  • Monthly principal & interest payments never change.
  • Available in terms from 10-30 years & can be paid-off without a penalty.
  • Structured or “amortized” to be paid-off by the end of the loan term.
  • Bi-Weekly Mortgage Payments may be available, which can help you pay off your mortgage more quickly. Instead of making a single monthly mortgage payment, you make half of the mortgage payment every two weeks. This equal twenty-six half mortgage payments each year, or 13 total monthly mortgage payments.